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HR Strategy

QED HR approach to HR strategy

Whether you are a startup company or a large organization with footprint across multiple locations you wish to drive growth. Do you have a coherent HR strategy that unleashes the potential of your talent to compete and win? Is the HR strategy aligned to your business strategy? At QED HR we review the following pillars:

Modular Approach

  • At QED HR we understand that the building of an organization is a journey so we support you to focus on the key elements. Depending on the stage of your organization we will take up only that pillar or elements of the pillars that will maximize the impact on the goals.

  • We work side by side with you to ensure you remain in control and that the support provided both drives the right outcomes of your HR strategy and with the right level of team buy-in. It’s about making sure you’re confident you have an HR strategy that will meet your goals and can move quickly and smoothly to implement it. 

  • We work on the principle of your leaders and HR are the custodians of the culture and HR strategy so we build capability and involve your people at every stage. The co-creation ensures strong engagement and ownership and is sustainable in the face of challenges and dilemmas.

  • We will meet you on where you are and push you to thinking innovatively on what is possible

  • Our people have deep expertise in both HR strategy and delivery of HR transformations. Critically, we connect the two. We will make sure your strategy is not only firmly rooted in your business priorities and objectives but also clearly sets out the steps for making it happen. This is one of the key ways we can help you go further, faster, more effectively.

“A HR strategy that is derived from the business strategy enables you to weather the storm and be competitive since there is a high degree of alignment between leaders, talent and culture.“


- Suchitra Rajendra


go through our sample case study to learn more about how we implement our HR strategy to unique business situations

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